The Rise of DIY


Whether customizing a ready-made design or making something from scratch, DIY is an easy way to acquire a one-off. People have increasingly been drawn to things that define their individuality and this is where DIY has filled a big gap in the market. From repurposing the increasingly popular mason jars for food and décor to putting necessary or whimsical additions to your house, the possibilities are truly endless.

Remember how the entrepreneurial woman started back in the nineties, crocheting the way to financial independence? It’s still a possibility to create items to sell, gift or put in the house. This has created a need in the market for DIY friendly components and tools.

At the Hammer and Tongues Auctioneers, there are plenty of things you can buy and revamp, it's a DIYers paradise. In this winter months, it will become increasingly important to keep the mind churning and the body in a state of constant activity while saving money and DIY is one way of doing that in your home environment.


Happy DIY!

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